Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Justino the Security Guard

Justino The Security Guard

WALT:  Write Justino's diary/journal - maybe he shares his innermost thoughts here - about his loneliness and what he would like to do with his life instead.

Thinking Questions:

  • Do you think Justino likes his job?         
  • Do you think he lives on his own? How does he feel?                                                                                   
  • Why does the director continuously show us the alarm clock at 22:00
  • What do his coworkers think about the mannequins? Do they all feel the same?
  • Which of his co workers is the boss? (any clues?)
  • Who do you think put Justino's name on the list?

Dear Diary Day 1

Today I woke up at 10:00pm I then put on my blue security shirt and badge. I then wrapped my lovely red scarf around my neck. On the way to work my friend Bob slept on me. He was very tired. I then walked up the stairs to work. on the way down the elevator I thought how happy my friends are. It made me feel sad. My mood lightened up though when I saw the maine cans. I looked at a picture of my friends partying. It made me smile. I took a picture with the maine cans to copy them. I had a good day.

Dear Diary Day 2

Today I woke up same time as yesterday and played some soccer with the maine cans.That made me feel really good. The Maine cans were stopping the ball really well and I couldn't get in past them. I then drove back home in my security guard costume and went to bed for the morning.

Dear Diary Day 3

I went to work at 10:00 pm today like I always do and decided today I would help my friends. I watered the flowers for them and made them some cake. I then decorated the Maine Can which made everybody laugh. I also made the maine cans do dance moves. Then I put the Christmas tree up put the maine cans in dominoes. Someone then knocked the over. and lit up my Christmas tree out of lights and maine cans making the tree light up. It made me feel good that I was making my friends happy.
Dear Diary Day 4
Today I went to work happy and cheerful. I then found a picture of one of my work mates winning the lottery. It made me think where I was going with my own life. When I got down the elevator I saw a ticket Lottery waiting for me held by a maine can. It was my work mates one. I took it and saw that my workmates had thrown a party for me. I was happy that my friends thought of me. But sad that they had happy lives and didn't need the lottery ticket. I was still grateful of course but disappointed I didn't have a happy life.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Narrative writing

Geri’s Game

It was a warm autumn day in the remote park and the leaves were falling off the tall trees. There was a table and one old man with hair as white as a snow. and eyes browner than brown, and skin as wrinkly as a screwed up piece of paper and very large glasses.

Geri placed down his old chess pieces on the newly painted green table. He put on his clear and rounded glasses on over his long pointy nose. He took a look at the board. He then stood up and slowly walked to the opposite side of the Table. With a ha he placed a pawn on the other side of the table. With a frown on his nearly bald head he limped across to the other side of the table and once more pushed his chair in and looked at the old board again.

Moving another piece he stepped up again and moved to the other side of the table. He kept doing this until one side only had there King left the other side of geri smiled in delight. Just as the about to win Geri said checkmate the other Geri fall of his chair and faked his death.

Just as the winning Geri looked away. The other Geri turned the chess board and was now winning. when the now losing Geri saw no way of the Other Geri winning and finishing the game he laughed in his own face. Then the other Geri saw a way of winning and with a final ha he finished the game. With cute eyes he looked at his non existent mirror image. The version Geri that lost handed over what he was playing for. A pair of false teeth. Geri laughed over and over with his false teeth.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Dogo News-Term 4 Week 6

Sweden - World's First Cashless Society?

Learning Intention: To compare and contrast information from an article and understand similarities and differences.

VOCABULARY: (4 new words and their meanings and a sentence)
  1. Abolish-Put an end to- It’s time to put an end to junk food.
  2. Shun- Keep away-Keep away from the dragon
  3. Sophisticated- Someone's ideas and thinking-I have my own sophisticated
  4. Reluctant-unwilling-I am Reluctant to steal cookies


Article Comprehension

  1. What is Sweden trying to do?
Sweden is trying to become the world's first cashless country

  1. List two places in Sweden where cash is no longer welcome.
The two places are Sweden and denmark
  1. What other countries are following Sweden's lead?
Australia's sydney and Israel
  1. What do you think it would be like if NZ was cashless?
It would be awesome because you can get free stuff and everything is free.


What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in a cashless society.

ADVANTAGES- Everything is free/you can get anything

DISADVANTAGES- everyone will not want to work because they won’t be payed

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dogo News

Legendary Nazi Treasure Train

LI:  I will select and use a range of processing and comprehension strategies with growing understanding and confidence.


Select three words that are in the vocabulary section. Write a definition (in your own words) and put the new vocabulary into a sentence.

1. Plausible- Plausible means acceptable or believable. Did you Plausible him
2. Valiant- Valiant means brave. You be Valiant out in the dark
3. Whereabouts-A question that you ask when you don’t know where someone is. Whereabouts are you?

Article Comprehension

  1. Why did the Germans fill the train with gold? Where was it headed to? What happened?
The Germans filled the train with gold so they could hide it and demand a share of the treasure.
The train was heading to Berlin but changed root and moved to some tunnels underground in Germany.

  1. Where do Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter believe the train is? What helped them locate it? What evidence do the two have?
Piotr and Andreas believe the train is under the Ksiaz castle in a tunnel. A railway map helped them find the train. They have evidence of a radar map that there was a train 80-feet down in the rubble.

  1. Why are Polish officials reluctant to begin excavation right away? Who has benefited the most from this news?
They are reluctant because they could hurt the people in the area because the train is buried in rubble and they could collapse the ground and make the ground come down. This news benefited Europe as they now know where the treasure lay.

Critical Thinking Challenge

If the treasure is ever found who should it belong to - the people who unearth it or those it was stolen from? Why?
I think if the treasure was ever found it should return to the people it was stolen from as it was there’s in the first place.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

First Thoughts


How do people express their culture/traditions?
How does the culture and heritage of a country influence its people?
People express their culture by celebrating a period of time.
e.g Maori Week.
A country's culture is influenced by celebrating and throwing parties in towns which is letting people know that today is a special day.  
How do cultures use art to show who they are?
How has technology changed how people record their stories?
People use art to show their culture by making a symbol of their cultures flag.
Technology changed how people record their stories by making videos on the internet instead of writing and photos so that people can describe their culture better.
What do cultures/people use art for?
What would I like to leave as ‘My Legacy’ How would I like to leave it?
They use art to show their culture in a creative way and to express themselves.
Josh: I’d like to be know for important things I do.

Dogo News

Ice Cream

LI:  I will select and uses a range of processing and comprehension strategies with growing understanding and confidence.

Skimming & Scanning
Who: Cait MacPhee, the leader of the non-melting ice cream society.
When: Scientists revealed the news on August 31 2015.
Where: Scientists have been researching this from the Universities  and Dundee.
What: They are creating a type of ice-cream that doesn't melt (instantly).

Select three words that are in the vocabulary section. Write a definition (in your own words) and put the new vocabulary into a sentence.

1.Microorganisms- An organism that can’t be seen with a human eye
2. Encase- To chose something else like a bottle in a glass to preserve it.
3.Extract-To take something like juice out of a pineapple.

Article Comprehension
  1. What is the name of the protein that helps slow down the ice cream melting process? How does it work?
The product is Bsia. That is what helps the ice-cream not melt for a long time.

  1. What are some of the other benefits of using the protein?
The benefits of this product are that you can leave the ice-cream for a long time and it won't melt.
  1. Where can the Bacillus subsists be found? How does the author know it is safe for humans?
The Subsist can be found anywhere-in the water the air and even in on the ground. The scientists have extensively tested the product therefore know that it is safe for humans
Critical Thinking Challenge
Can you think of any other foods that this protein would be useful for?
Chocolate,jelly and ice-blocks.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Awarua The Taniwha

Awarua The Taniwha of Porirua

Have you ever wondered why Mana islands hill is so flat. Or have you wondered how Awarua the taniwha learnt to fly. This is the Maori legend of why the hill is so flat and how the taniwha learnt to glide through the air. The story starts with a taniwha named Awarua. Awarua wished he could fly. Rereroa was a close friend of the taniwha. Awarua would watch Rereroa fly through the sky and wished that he could do the same. Awarua was ashamed of his little and weak wings. One day Awarua asked Rereroa to teach him how to fly. Rereroa tried to get out of it but had no choice but to give in.

On the first day of flying practice Awarua was nervous but really exited. Rereroa slowly began to flap her wings. Awarua found it hard to keep up and by the time they got back she was ready to collapse. Rereroa glided to sea level and picked up two stones. She placed them on Awarua’s wings like weights to strengthen her wings. Awarua’s training went on for weeks. Awarua believed he can fly.. Awarua began to fly. She was gaining speed. But she wasn't fast enough to get over the hill. Awarua landed and went straight back into the air.

When she was flying she crashed into mana island taking the top right off of it. this is why mana island is so flat and that is also how Awarua the taniwha learnt to fly. Proving that anything is possible.